Friday, February 26, 2010

Kosovo & Bosnia-Herzegovina; Europe + 2 & Allah

Flag of Kosovo
Once again like a smashing of atoms the smashing of a nation has created an uncanny similarity between two nations born out of the shattering of Yugoslavia and then Serbia!

Both of these nations have chosen a sea of blue and white stars, reflective of the European Union and a yellow blob or shape. Kosovo's flag is the organic-natural blot while Bosnia Herzegovina's flag is an artificial-abstract shape.

Most Vexillologists would probably rank Kosovo's flag below Bosnia Herzegovina and or want to change Kosovo's flag. Vexillological Orthodoxy has an extreme distaste for organic and natural shapes, animals, and letters.

Flag of Bosnia Herzegovina
Both Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina have a strong element of Islamic peoples, they are Europe's newest additions. The interesting political notion is that when the West supported the devolution of Kosovo from Serbia, this set into motion the political blow back of Russia's support for the devolution of Georgia via Abkazia and Ossetia.

Although Serbia and Russia are not the best of friends 100% of the time, they are connected by destiny and the shape of the flag which is the like the shape of their heart.

The USA only had only 30 years to deal just recently with Islamic Taxi drivers and a few Muslim professionals here and there. Serbia and Russia were ruled by Islamic Overlords for nearly 300 years and had their Christian Identity oppressed and tested. Can you imagine if the USA or UK had Islamic overlords to rule their country for 300 years and had to pay extra taxes because they are simply Christians? Long story short, when the Turks ruled over South Eastern Europe they were able to convert a good minority of white folk, namely many of the peoples who now make up nations of Bosnia Herzegovina & Kosovo.

After the creation of the Bosnia Herzegovina flag in European consciousness it naturally lead to the creation of another flag that 'balanced' the 'equation' by creating this uncanny symmetry of two nations that were once united with Serbia.


  1. why are you involving Serbia and Russia and your distaste for Muslims in this discussion. Keep your opinions to yourself, it's nonsense in regards to these two flags. Every religion came about by someone being converted, was Christianity peacefully spread? barbarism is in all of humanity's history, the Ottomans were peaceful in comparison to many other empires and colonists. I dont appreciate how you try and casually compare things 400-700 years ago with present Western Culture. biased much?

    The Bosnians (mainly Muslims) embraced the Kotromanic family crest flag, who rules the Bosnian Kingdom long before the Ottomans and Islam came to the region, they were forced to change this flag and adopt a more neutral one in 1998 due to pressure from Serbs (from Bosnia) because it was "too Muslim" for their liking. that's logic for you.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I understand it is hard to read between the lines. But I mean no offense to Islam, please visit this link to see a video I made that is about Islam - sort of. In any case, you feedback will be noted in future posts. Thanks for sharing.