Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Ground Hog Day!

February 2! Ground Hog Day! Again!
It Never ENDS!!

Watch the 1993 movie starring Billy Murray in Ground Hog Day. A new American tradition. Think of it as a combo of It's a Wonderful Life meets the Twilight Zone, with a splash of Ghost Busters. In the movie he ends up getting stuck in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania during the Ground Hog Celebration and magically repeats the entire day over and over again until he .... you'll just have to watch it!

It's the essential appetizer before for Valentines Day!

In honor of this most wondonerifically snggabalistic nard-knocker funky holiday. I have created the Pennsylvania Ground Hog Flag. In case you didn't know it's modeled after the California Republic flag! Blue and Yellow are PA's colors!

Here is the California Flag

Just to balance the equation here is Pennsylvania's Partner State flag Michigan all decked out in Kali style

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  1. I'm calling th Bear Flag Police, Chris! JK. Fun stuff & don't be surprised when they show up on the Bear Flag Museum blog. My best. Bill Trinkle----, The Bear Flag Museum,