Saturday, February 13, 2010

Georgia & Northern Cyprus, pressure points of Eurasia

Flag of Georgia
(a nation with break away regions)

These nations skate along the edges of Asia and Europe. Many atlases categorize Cyprus as a part of Europe, others as Asia, the same thing also happens with Georgia as well.

These nations are totally in the twilight zone-pressure points in the game of global politics. Georgia recently suffered from war in 2008 which saw two rogue nations break away, Ossetia and Abkazia with aid from Russia. While Northern Cyprus broke of away from Cyprus with the aid of Turkey in 1974.

Flag of Northern Cyprus
(a nation that is a break away region)

Only a minority of nations view Georgia's break away republics and Northern Cyprus as real nations. Because of this disagreement, the issue is very contentious and mentally painful. If not handled with care people start screaming and beating each other up, it's kinda' like the abortion debate in the USA.

Basically Northern Cyprus is a break away nation because the inhabitants are Muslim and speak Turkish, while Georgia is a nation with break away nations because of old ethnic and linguistic divisions. Their banners are like yin and yang reflective of the two most holy books born of West Asia: the Holy Bible and Holy Koran.

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