Monday, January 18, 2010

India and Niger, 24 x 24

Flag of India
Central Blue Wheel
with 24 spokes

Their flags match in colours. Within their central bands these distant families have chosen a circle to represent their nation.

Niger has the brightest spinning sphere of the heavens as its centerpiece, the sun, that was made by the Gods. While India has the spinning earthly loom wheel, that was made by mankind. Coincidentally the blue wheel of India's flag has 24 spokes in it, while the earth's rotation around the sun is exactly 24 hours.

Ancient India had divided life into 24 cycles until rebirth, likewise the solar cycle with the earth was divided in 24 sections called hours. Time has been divided into 24 hours before the birth of a new day on the Eastern Horizon.

Flag of Niger
Central Orange Sun
Earth has a 24 Hour Day
This uncanny 24 by 24 coincidence as seen from the eye of the East is a tale tale sign of the cosmic and perpetual connection that each person and nation are all intertwined with the mystical threads of destiny and history. However from the modern cynical, 'ego-ic' mind of the West this means absolutely nothing. The sentiment would go something like this, 'So freaking what, buddy? Show me how this is going to bring home the gold. And I'll get back to you, nice idea but you can suck on it with the rest of you airy-fairy tards.'

India is at the East-West cross roads of the Middle East in Western Asia, while Niger is at the North-South cross roads of the Middle East in North Africa.

Both nations have a strong connection to the Islamic World. In Niger faith in the 'Praised One' (which is the literal meaning of 'Mohammad') is the dominant faith, while in India a minority faith.

Both of their nations take their name after the great rivers that skate along the edges of the Middle East, the Indus and Niger River. These great rivers connect many nations together of differing cultures and languages.

During the age of European Colonial Empires, India was under the thumb of the British Empire while Niger was under the pinky of the French Empire.

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