Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Flag, Bad Flag: rejected titles

Original Cover
Nice Flag, Naughty Flag

Blessed Flag, Sinful Flag

Sweet Flag, Stinky Flag

Wow Flag, Whacked Flag

Fantastic Flag, Horrible Flag

Outstanding Flag, Regular Flag

Fabulous Flag, Fiendish Flag

Obtuse Flag, Acute Flag

Righteous Flag, Wrongful Flag

Phat Flag, Drawn Flag

Heavenly Flag, Devilish Flag

Mighty Flag, Wimpy Flag
Limited Teen Addition
with introduction by Britney Spears

Happy Flag, Sad Flag

Angry Flag, Peaceful Flag

Boring Flag, Exciting Flag

Smart Flag, Dumb Flag

Gnarly Flag, Gnarly...... Not Flag

Cool Flag, Crappy Flag

Excellent Flag, Blows Flag

Super Flag, Sucks Flag

Bodacious Banner, Bungled Banner

.....Yin and Yang are like totally everywhere!!!!

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