Friday, January 22, 2010

Belgium and Germany


The colours are in a slightly different order but make no mistake the harmony is obvious. The pairing of these flags represents a reunion of Charlemagne's sons.

These two nations are a union of North-Western Europe in the highest degree. In Belgium they speak French, Dutch, and a wee bit of German. While in Germany there is a wee tiny portion that speaks Danish and Polish.

Germany and Belgium are rather divided from within. The effects of East Germany and West Germany since the Cold War still have their cultural divisions, likewise North Dutch speaking Belgium and South French speaking Belgium are divided by tongues.


Both nations were rather late in the imperial game, Belgium was able to scramble in for one last colony in Africa, the Congo, while Germany made a distinguished effort at Namibia and Tanzania. However both nations would loose their African Colonies.

Germany was the first white imperial power to loose out on her African colonies, because of white on white disagreements. The rest of Europe would follow Germany but by different means, because of black on white disagreements. Just as the Civil Rights 'African-American' era in USA was taking off so too were the people of Africa ridding themselves of the 'yoke' of European Colonialism.

After the age of Imperialism Germany was destined to make the greatest leap in understanding the error that nations can make in the wake of the War of Endless Tears.

(World War II in the West and the Great Patriotic War in the East)

Likewise Belgians are aware and repentant of their mishandling of the native peoples in the Congo Basin.

Germany and Belgium are Europe's humbled giants who carry Titanic wisdom that all nations should appreciate.

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